About Stories For Muslim Kids

Assalaamu’alaykum keen readers!

Welcome to a  Halal website featuring short stories for Muslim kids and their families. Some stories are Islamic-based. Others are not. However, they have two things in common. Firstly, they aim to teach each and everyone of us a little something, insha Allah. Secondly, they are Halal. Insha Allah.

Nonetheless, we do apologise if you have encountered something unacceptable or Haram.

Enjoy. Bismillah.


Drawings of people and animals

“It is to be understood that making drawings of living beings is generally not permissible in Islam and there are some severe punishment for those who draw images.

However, some scholars permit use of drawings and images as means of education and for positive purposes.”



Fatwa from Sheikh Sa`ûd al-Funaysân and Dr. Bilal Philips




Where are the sources or references? How can you use these photos, ideas and stories?

The references or sources are usually written at the bottom of the stories or articles. Sometimes, we heard the stories or information through our sheikhs or teachers or parents or other sources. If you have any information regarding further references or sources, please write to us. We hope to update ours, in shaa Allah.

The stories, information, names or images mentioned or used are the property of their respective owners & sources. For copyright infringement materials and removal request, please write to us, in shaa Allah.

Yes, we always try our best to make sure that we write the website or blog link of where it came from. So, please forgive us if we fail.

Islam is perfect. Muslims are not. So, do remember. We are just like you, we make mistakes.  Some people treasure their creativity. So we try to credit all those whose images, stories or information that we use on this website, in shaa Allah.

We always try to keep the original pictures without changes. But sometimes, a few changes are required. So please forgive us. If you are the owner of the pictures and are unhappy that your photo has been used or changed, please let us know, in shaa Allah.

If you are unsure about something, please contact us, the website or Sheikh mentioned. If you wish to use the story or images for your website or video, you may do so. But do link it back to our website, in shaa Allah. This is to prevent the stealing or misuse of the story or images, or perhaps the owner of the story or images may not like it if they are not mentioned in the other websites or videos. Allah knows best. We are just trying our best to do the right thing here, so do bear with us.

To the owners of stories and images, we can’t stress this enough. We do notice you. We understand that no watermark does not mean the images can be freely used without permission. We also understand that sometimes your stories may not have been accredited back to you. Therefore, do forgive us if we forget to mention your name. Please write in to us to ensure that you have been credited. If we fail to do so, due to some circumstances, we do apologise. This website may live longer than us, so we may not be able to update it in the future.

We fear Allah and we fear that our good deeds will not be accepted by Him on the Day of Judgement. We also fear that our good deeds will be taken away by the oppressed on that day. So, please. Do assist us to correct our mistakes, in shaa Allah. And we are sorry for any wrongs that we have done while trying to provide a safe and reliable website for our Muslim families around the world.

Thank you. Jazakum Allah khayran.

Please make a short du’aa for us regularly, in shaa Allah.


Stories for Muslim Kids







3 thoughts on “About Stories For Muslim Kids

  1. Asalam u alaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatahu! May Allah (SWT) reward you greatly for your endeavour to spread Islamic teachings and morals amongst the youth. I too enjoy reading and creative writing, and it’s a blessing to see how something we enjoy can actually be used to serve Allah and bring benefit to others. May this be a great source of sadaqa-jaariah for you.

    Love you for the sake of Allah
    Your sister in Islam

    • Wa’alaykum salaam sister Yusra,

      May Allah bless you too and may HE make us all better Muslims with each passing day. May HE help us in our daily challenges as well.

      Sister Yusra, you are indeed too kind with your words. May Allah reward you well for being a keen reader and for your beautiful support.

      Love you too for the sake of Allah.

      With warm regards
      Your sister in Islam

  2. Assalamu Alaikum Wr Wb

    Firstly, I would like to thank you for your efforts developing such an invaluable resource for the international Muslim community. Living in the West, I remember how difficult it was getting access to Islamic books and media as alternatives to what is available locally, so sincerely, JazakumAllah Khairan for all the hard work you’ve put in behind the scenes developing and maintaining this golden asset for Muslims world-wide.

    I am also writing to invite you to read a Muslim children’s ebook and promote it to your followers. In support of your work, I would like to offer your followers a special coupon that gives them a 20% discount when they purchase the ebook through Smashwords. Smashwords allows parents to download the children’s ebook in a format that suits them – whether it be PDF for viewing on a computer, or in a format that can be viewed on a Kindle, iPad or another mobile device.

    I remember when my younger siblings were growing up and I would babysit them, I really struggled finding books I could read them with Islamic themes that they would engage in and that I didn’t have to first break down into language they would grasp!

    I have since published this Islamic kids book called “Bilaal and the Giant Tree” that targets 4-8 year olds, which teaches Islamic values that are not brought up enough such as recycling and saving water. This book is also available on Kindle, Kobo, iBookstore, among other ebook retailers.

    For more information and current reader reviews, visit the following links:




    If you believe your website visitors who are Muslim parents of young children may be interested in this book, I am happy to send you a free copy to help you decide if it will be of benefit to them.

    I look forward to your favourable reply and generating a special coupon to reward your loyal followers.

    Fii Amaanillah

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