Fun Ideas for Muslims

How does one have fun as a Muslim if music, dancing, drinking alcohol, dating, inter-mingling, gambling and parties are all off-limits? Do Muslims have fun? What can Muslims do to have fun?

 Updated 1/12/17
As a Muslim, it’s not difficult to have fun. Really? Yes! Here are some interesting ideas and thoughts as shared by a few brothers and sisters…
  1. Indoor thinking games for youth and children: Games For Youth _ 1.2 updated 1_12_17
  2. Try out different restaurants (Halal of course!) with your family or friends.
  3. Go to the nearest park or playground with your kids or brothers or sisters.
  4. Go to the nearby running track or stadium weekly for a run.
  5. Find a stray cat and feed it milk from the grocery shop nearby.
  6. Looking for insects in the garden with your siblings or children.
  7. Draw a picture of a flower in the park and colour it in.
  8. Take a photo, using a mobile phone, of the different flowers at the nearby park.
  9. Take a photo, using a mobile phone, of the different insects at the nearby park.
  10. Hold your parent’s hand or spouses’ hand and walk around the park.
  11. Go to the pet shop, public farm or zoo to enjoy looking at animals.
  12. Go to the beach for a swim or to make a sandcastle or two.
  13. Watch animals at the beach
  14. Reading a book and sharing it with family or friends when I finish it.
  15. Join a book club online or at the library.
  16. Have a read a book night where the whole family reads a book in the living room for an hour and does nothing else.
  17. Have a regular family movie night where the whole family watches a family-friendly, Halal (or almost Halal) movie. (‘Almost Halal’ here indicates that there may be a few shirk issues that need to be discussed after the movie or there may be musical instruments involved, etc…)
  18. Baking different desserts from all over the world, getting ideas from Youtube
  19. Cooking different recipes from all over the world, getting ideas from Youtube
  20. Swimming at the local swimming pool once a month
  21. Bring the family to the nearest water body and look for exciting insects or small animals.
  22. Visit your country’s Islamic Museum, if they have any
  23. Visit your state’s art galleries.
  24. Visit your state’s museums.
  25. Cook for your parents for a day
  26. Bring your parents out for a picnic
  27. Bring your parents along for a short holiday
  28. Scrapbooking
  29. Start and mantain a blog
  30. Compile inspirational quotes from various people into a notebook
  31. Compile good stories from various sources into a notebook
  32. Cycling
  33. Playing ball at the park
  34. Combing your siblings’ or children’s hair and making different hairstyles
  35. Playing board games with family and friends
  36. Playing video games with family and friends
  37. Have a Homemade Bread Day at home
Other ideas and thoughts: (Not all answers are good from this webpage. Parents, please read through it first, insha Allah)


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