Covid-19 Lecture Series ONE

“The Young Learners’ Hub” Series by Sheikh Dr Sajid Umar

In Section A, you will find the video clips.

In Section B, you will find the Worksheet Links.


Section A


Section B

You may find the worksheets at:



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*For Episode 10:

Unfortunately the Live Show with 1300 homes connected live was lost due to a technicality. Alhamdulillah, a special brother managed to get pieces of our the broadcast and stitch what he could find for the benefit of the children.

There are parts missing (about 10 minutes) though, so please take note of the following:

1. The main part of the Lesson today was explaining the meanings of what we say when we bow, stand and prostrate during our Salah. The Sheikh will summarise these parts on Ep. 11 InShaAllah.

2. The link to Quiz 2 can be found below, and the Sheikh has placed the answers to the questions of the Quiz which are related to today’s episode, due to the technicality problem.

Answers to Questions from Episode 10, questions 17-20 of the Quiz:

17. B

18. A

19. A

20. A

3. Quiz 2, Week 2 can be found and completed here:


4. If you missed the first Quiz from week 1, it can be taken here:


5. Many questions about who the Sheikh is, have come in and you can find it here:


6. Homework: Please can all children read this with your parents:

I have a ‘dream’…by Sajid Umar


Young Learners Hub Sh Sajid Umar



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