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Tonight, as I left my apartment, there were three men standing outside the door, in a triangle formation. Gangster looking.

I’ll admit, at first, worry struck me. They went quiet. As I quickly chose a direction to walk through the men, the man directly in front of me picked up the heavy items that were in front of him, as I walked past, he lowered his head and said “Assalamu alaikum”.

Completely SHOCKED, I almost forgot how to respond!

“Waalaikum salaam” I said.

Alhamdullilah for this brother (Muslim or not, may Allah reward him) respecting me to such a high regard he felt the need to move when he didn’t need to and give salaam.

I walked away smiling, my heart feeling protected.

Hijab doesn’t oppress me or my sisters, it liberates us from being spoken to disrespectfully and gawked at.

It allows us to be FREE to live in a world where harassment and assault are very common to most women.




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(Shared with permission)


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Photo by Ekrulila from Pexels

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