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What Sunnah habit would you start in your daily life & why?

Budding Writers Competition
Twins of Faith 2016 (Melbourne, Australia) 
First Prize Winner
Category: 10 - 12 years old
By Batrisyia Khairil, Age 11

Do you love the Prophet Muhammed (SAW)? Really? Truly? Prove it. If you really loved him, you would follow in his footsteps. In other words, you would follow the sunnah. Do you follow the sunnah? Your answer reflects your love for Prophet Muhammad.

i love prophet muhammad s a w 1.1

I’m saying all this to make a point. The point is that I personally say I love the prophet but I’m not sure if I mean it or not. This idea came into my mind because of a very interesting khutbah I heard.


The Khateeb said “People follow who they love. If you love a celebrity, you act like that celebrity. You talk like that celebrity. You dress like that celebrity. But what about the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)? People say that they love him. But they do not do what he did. They say:‘Oh, it’s just sunnah.’ That was the reason WHY the sahabah did sunnah. They loved Muhammad (SAW) so much, they literally walked in his footsteps. But astagh firullah, now it’s become an excuse. ‘It’s just sunnah, you don’t have to do it.”

That khutbah really set me thinking. thinking 2

How can I physically show my love of Muhammad (SAW)? There are so many hadeeths about sunnahs, where do I start? So then I thought “Baby steps.”

I searched through hadeeths and found the not-too-difficult ones. Here was my list:


1. Sleeping and waking up early waking up

2. Having a pleasant smile always smiling flower

3. Using the siwak  miswak

4. Oiling hair comb

5. Maintaining the 1/3  rule in eating  Pie-Chart

6. Speaking good or keeping silent silence colouring page

7. Doing hijama (cupping) hijama cups

8. Visiting the sick  sunnah 1

9. Sitting when eating/drinking eating hijabi girl

10. Sleeping on your right side sleeping child colouring in page

11. Saying Salam/Bismillah before entering a house before entering house for muslims

Looking at this list, I thought 11 things isn’t exactly what I’d call baby steps. I decided to subtract a few items: oiling hair, using the siwak (I don’t have any at home.), cupping and sleeping on the right side (I can’t control which direction I sleep towards).

The day after, I tried to sit down eating and drinking at school and failed. All the chairs were taken and the floor was infested with bugs. Visiting the sick is something I do automatically, as my mum has Multiple Sclerosis.I maintain the ⅓ rule while eating anyway! I wake up at 7:30. I consider 7:30 am early…There were only 3 left! Surely one of them could be a daily habit! Suddenly I had a brainwave. Why do just one? why not all three? I was super excited. This was finally the chance to prove my love to Prophet Muhammad (SAW)!!!

Every day since then, I have been consistent with all 3 of my sunnahs: Saying Bismillah before entering a building, speaking good and having a smile on my face all the time! Now, I feel close to the Prophet Muhammed, my greatest wish would be to see him in Jannah!

i love prophet muhammad s a w 2.1



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