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Emir and his new glasses

glassesEmir woke up one day to find his new set of glasses missing.

He looked under his pillow, it was not there.

He searched on his bedside table, it was not there.

He peeked under his bed, it was not there.

sad boyEmir felt sad. His dad told him last week to take good care of his glasses.

The glasses helped him see as his eyesight was quite poor.

The glasses also cost his dad plenty of money.

Emir did not know what to do next.

“Shall I tell Dad?” he wondered.

“No, he might scold me! Shall I look for it first before he wakes up? Yes, I should!” Emir decided.

Emir then slowly moved around his room trying not to trip over anything now as his vision was blurred.

backpackEmir looked inside his drawers and his backpack.

No glasses there.

He then felt something move around his feet. It was Koko, his pet cat.

Emir bent down to give Koko a big squeeze.

“Hello, Kok…. Hey! What’s this? It’s my glasses!” shrieked Emir.

Koko must have been wearing his glasses around the house. The glasses might have fallen off his bed and onto Koko by accident last night.

cat with spectacles“Alhamdulillah!” Emir said with a big grin on his face.





“Purification is half of the faith. The phrase al-hamdulillah (‘All praises be to Allah ‘) fills the scale. The phrases sub-haanallaah (‘High is Allah above every imperfection and need; He is pure and perfect’) and al-hamdullilah (‘All praise be to Allah’) fill together – or each fill – what is between the heavens and earth. Prayer is a light. Charity is a proof. Patience is a brightness. The Qur’an is either an argument for you or against you. And everyone goes out in the morning and sells himself either freeing or destroying himself.”

[Hadith Muslim]



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This story is written by SFMK. You are free to share it with family and friends. But do make du’a for my constant happiness. Thanks! 🙂


Word Document : Emir and his new glasses


One thought on “Emir and his new glasses

  1. The story is very interesting. Am an author so can i write all this stories and publish it as a book the story is very important masha Allah.

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