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My Two Journeys

“A few weeks ago I travelled to Saudi Arabia for Umrah. Prior to leaving, I made sure that I had packed my luggage, had my visa, passport, enough money to spend and the list goes on.

Aeroplane - Faro.
Today, I had a lecture in London; my preparation for the journey was to ensure that I had something to read on the way.

Although both are journeys, the difference in preparation stems from the length, distance and importance of the journey.

If I had prepared for days on end for my two-hour journey to London and only five minutes for my Umrah journey, I would have been deemed as strange, someone with his priorities upside down.

Have we got our priorities upside down?

How much have we prepared for our journey to the Hereafter, an abode which will never perish?
A one way ticket.

globeAs Luqman The Wise once said “Work for the Dunya according to how long you are going to live in it and work for the Hereafter according to how long you are going to reside within.”

Only a fool would make the means for the journey, the Dunya, and forget the destination itself, the Hereafter.”



(Sheikh Zahir Mahmood posted in his Facebook Page )



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