Non-Fiction / Story with a Hadith quote / Under 250 words


She was more concerned about exposing her awrah than her health… How far is yesterday from today?


awrah chart“Atta’ ibn Abu-Rabah reports that once Abdullah ibn Abbas said to him: ‘Would you like me to point out to you a woman who will be in heaven?’.


Atta’ said: Yes. Ibn Abbas said:

‘This woman came once to the Prophet (Pbuh) and said: “I suffer from severe epilepsy and parts of my body get exposed. Will you …please pray Allah for me?” ‘


The Prophet (Pbuh) said to her: “The choice is yours: You may wish to endure it with patience and have admission into heaven as your reward, or you may wish me to pray Allah to cure you.”


She said: “I will endure it, but some parts of my body get exposed, so pray Allah for me not to be exposed.” The Prophet (Pbuh) prayed for her.


(Hadith Bukhari & Muslim)

Extracted from a FB post by Imam Bilal Ismail


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