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Immoral Words

” The Messenger (peace be upon him) says,

‘A true believer is neither vulgar nor immoral when he speaks’.

Many  of us use words that we are prohibited to use, and get so used to using  such language that we don’t even realise what we are uttering.

bullyUsing such words is sinful even if we are joking, and it results in the loss  of blessings in our lives, the discomfort to the angels of protection  who distance themselves from us, losing respect among fellow human  beings and setting a very bad precedent in our families and societies.

It also diminishes our spirituality and strengthens the link with Satan.

It has a great negative effect on our minds and overall temperament.

For this and many other reasons, we must never ever utter vulgar or immoral words.

smiley-happy-faceSpeaking  using the best and purest language will create a blessed look on our  faces to begin with and result in us being respected and blessed at the  same time. Our general lives will begin to improve and we will see this  clearly and feel it truly.

Are we ready to promise the Creator that we will improve on this immediately? “



(Reproduced from Mufti Ismail Menk’s Facebook Page )



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