Fiction / Under 250 words

Something wrong

This is the story of young Zulfikar.


Zulfikar passes by a group of brothers who are laughing and having a good time.  He walks up to them with a frown and says, “There are brothers and sisters dying in Syria, feel the pain of the Ummah”!


Later in the day, Zulfikar reads a funny post on FB, he puts in a nasty reply about how we shouldn’t be laughing and entertaining ourselves while people suffer in Bangladesh. Every time someone is smiling, Zulfikar reminds them they should not be having fun and that they should be crying.  Now here’s a brief description of what Zulfikar did that day:


laughingHe woke up at 11:00 AM ( He missed Fajr).
He played video games for two hours.
He watched an episode of his favourite sitcom and laughed hysterically.
He went to school for a class (And that is where he told those guys to remember Syria).
He went home and watched funny videos on Youtube and he was CRACKING UP!
He got on Facebook and told people to be sad and remember the Ummah.
He watched a movie until he went to bed late at night.


There is nothing wrong with us reminding each other, but there is something wrong with Zulfikar!




(Based on a FB post by Sheikh Kamal El Mekki


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