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Judging others

who's on the way up?It was narrated that during the time of Prophet Moses alayhi as-salaam (peace be upon him) two men had passed away.  One was considered to be righteous, the other to be a sinner.  Allah (swt) revealed to Moses that the perceived righteous man was in damnation while the sinner had been forgiven.  Moses decided to investigate the matter, visiting the widows of the men to see what they were like at home.

The widow of the “righteous” man said he was just as good inside the house as he was outside, except he would sometimes strangely say, “We will be successful if Moses is really telling the truth.”  The widow of the “sinner” said he was just as bad inside the house as he was outside, except every so often he would cry himself to sleep saying, “Oh Allah, what level of punishment will you place me in?”

One man showed sincerity in his belief even though he fell short in action, earning him Allah’s mercy, while the other man showed doubt in his belief even though his acts were many. The realm of spirituality belongs to Allah (swt).  Our goal is to call people to Him in the most beautiful of ways while taking ourselves into account first. So the next time you plan on judging your Muslim brother and sister, don’t, because that person you see just might be your own self.

“… So do not claim yourselves to be pure; He is most knowing of who fears Him.”

(Quran, 53:32)



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2 thoughts on “Judging others

  1. Assalam’ulaikum, I was wondering if it would be possible to use some of your stories to create animations for children. I will reference all work back to your website and those you have mentioned in your references.

    • Wa’alaykumsalaam brother/sister. Yes, that’s fine, insha Allah. Thanks for that. BarakAllahu feek. May Allah put Barakah in your projects and may they be a form of Sadaqah Jaariyah for you and us. Ameen. Jazakum Allah khayran. (By the way, don’t forget to let us know when your project is completed. We’d love to check it out, insha Allah!)

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