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Down with Mumps


Aqib and his mates have been planning to distribute

some pamphlets regarding Islam for weeks. They

have gotten the beautifully-made pamphlets from

the Islamic Centre and organised the locations of

where to circulate to obtain free islamic pamphlets


On the planned day, which happened to be a public

holiday, Aqib’s friends knocked on his front door.

“Assalaamu’alaykum!” they excitedly exclaimed

when his door flung to read riyad_us_saliheen


Strangely, it was Aunty Taibah who was behind it.

“Wa’alaykum salaam, boys. I would like to invite you

inside but Aqib and his sisters are down with the

mumps! You’ll have to go without Aqib today.”


Aqib’s mates sadly waved Aunty Taibah good-bye

and left to do their long-awaited project. In

the meanwhile, Aqib lay sick in bed feeling miserable.

“Mum, will I still get a reward from Allah? I have

waited for this day for so long. My friends and

I have worked so hard to read riyad_us_saliheen


“Of course honey, insha’Allah. If you have the right

intention and spirit of jihad in your heart but you

are physically unable to take part in it due to valid

reasons, you will get the reward without your even

actual participation in it.”


Jabir bin Abdullah Al-Ansari (May Allah be pleased

with them) reported: “We accompanied the Prophet

(pbuh) in an expedition when he said, “They are

some men in Madinah who are with you wherever

you march and whichever valley you cross. They

have not joined you in person because of their

illness.” In another version, he said: “They share

the reward with you.” [Muslim] click to read riyad_us_saliheen



The End


Edited :26th April 2013

Based on:

[chapter one, number 4 of “Riyad_us_saliheen”]

Image Credits:

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