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New to Australia

new to australia

Halima was new to Australia. She came to Australia speaking only her native language. She brought her 8-year-old son with her. His name was Mohamed. He was all she had in the world.


They found a little flat in Sunshine. They were there for only two months when a neighbour’s dog jumped over the fence. The dog ran toward Halima’s son. Halima put her body in between the dog and her son. The dog stopped when it saw Halima screaming at it. She was going to punch it in the nose. The dog turned around.

Shaking, Halima took her son upstairs. They stayed in the flat all weekend. Then Halima found another flat, close to the school that her son was going to attend.

She and her son walked everywhere. One day her son started coughing badly. He had an asthma attack. All the walking was probably making his asthma worse.

Halima knew that she had to buy a car.

carSo she called up the used car dealer nearby. She talked to a salesman who spoke her language. He promised to get her an affordable car soon. Three days later, after test-driving a few cars, Halima managed to buy a small blue car with her savings which had taken 10 years to accumulate. Halima and Mohamed now felt much happier and safer. Alhamdulillaah.


The End


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Edited :31st March 2013




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